•  Large rim diameter balancing up to 28" rim diameter & 44" overall wheel diameter
  • Multi-mode vehicle balancing for SUV, Car & Motorcycle
  • Manual measurement input for distance & diameter
  • 5 ALU standard modes and 2 ALU smart balancing methods
  • Laser indicator lights up automatically at the unbalanced weight position under ALUS mode in the 6 o'clock wheel position
  • Light indicator illuminates inside of wheel automatically at the unbalanced weight position, simplifies wheel weight applications
  • Foot pedal braking system conveniently secure the wheel in the unbalanced position to accurately apply wheel weights
  • Power saving mode- automatically puts machine in standby mode after 5 minutes of non-usage
  • Pegs for accessories
  • Included: hood, Hammer, Caliper, Cone Sets ( small, medium & large), Bowl Clamps, Calibration Weight & Speed Nut
  • Specs
  • Manual


  • Large rim diameter balancing up to 24" rim diameter & 39" overall wheel diameter. 
  • LED, touch-panel keypad w/ easy to read icons
  • Multi-mode vehicle balancing for car & Motorcycle
  • Manual measurement input for distance & diameter
  • Static / Dynamic & 3 ALU balancing methods
  • Self-calibrating & self-diagnosis
  • Multi-user operation
  • Integrated centering spring for balancing shaft
  • Pegs for accessories
  • Included; Hood (WB-953), hammer, caliper, cone sets (small, medium, large & extra large), bowl clamps, calibration weight, large indicator & speed nut
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Wheel Balancer

High performance, heavy-duty truck wheel balancer


Wheel Balancer


Heavy-duty Truck Wheel Balancer

The WB-953 & WB-953-B Wheel Balancers are highly accurate & durable wheel balancing systems that incorporate unbeatable standard features.  


Wheel Balancer(No Hood)

  • Same features as above except without hood.


The CB66-VE Wheel Balancer is a highly accurate & reliable wheel balancing system. A 40mm balancing shaft provides incredible durability, while the exclusive laser & light feature illuminates the inside of the wheel at the unbalanced weight position, for convenient & precise wheel weight applications. 


Automotive Equipment Sales

   Designed for balancing heavy truck wheels (up to 298 lbs)

  • Back saving pneumatic wheel lift standard
  • Self-calibrating and self-diagnostics
  • ST, AL1, AL2, AL3, AL4 balancing methods
  • Capable of balancing a full range of wheels
  • Car & truck cones standard
  • Foot brake for manual stop
  • Weight storage
  • Pegs for accessories
  • Toolbox standard
  • Specs
  • Manual